New Year!

A new year is here! I hope you all have had a good start to 2015. I have been sick since before Christmas and I am finally getting better. However during New Year my throat was so sore I could hardly breathe, no less speak!Järvträsk vinter

Bright and windy morning

Waking up by coughing and a sore throat is not a favourite of mine and I really hope it will disappear faster then I can say shutterspeed. Especially since there is a long weekend coming up and I have plans!

Anyhow (do you say anyhow or anywho? I have seen both I think). Outside it might look nice from the inside but it is windy, cloudy and the temperature is not 20 anymore.





Time to meet this day in my new dot sweater! (The shoes are a bit too cold though. Summer come back!)

So long.



My very first blogpost on this site

feature instagram west coast swedenI don’t even know how this happened, it just suddenly did. I started my Instagram account just a couple of weeks ago and the amount of (AWESOME) response I’ve already got kind of blew me away to another planet for a moment. Pics here are the features I’ve gotten so far.

I’ve always been interested in photography, and maybe I can say that I have had the eye for a good picture for quite some time. You know, when you automatically freak out on a horizon that’s not straight or a house that should have been just a centimeter more to the left.

I am Swedish but like English and think that I am reasonable good at it, but if you follow this blog – be prepared for some Swenglish everynow and then. I’ve noticed that translating certain things can get kind of … not the meaning I first intended it to be.

This site is very new and no section is close to complete. Mostly is not even started more than in my mind.

Later on I will write about my photo experiences in great locations and my photo experiences in areas I probably shouldn’t have been. I will write about my struggle to hide away my creativity and actually trying to learn the meaning of the technical terms of photography (I can’t even read the shutter speed once without yawning). I will give you a chance to learn from my mistakes. I will show progress. I will write in frustration. Maybe I will even reveal how I really look while I’m out taking pictures.

So welcome to me, myself and I and the camera on my head.


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