Bright and windy morning

Waking up by coughing and a sore throat is not a favourite of mine and I really hope it will disappear faster then I can say shutterspeed. Especially since there is a long weekend coming up and I have plans!

Anyhow (do you say anyhow or anywho? I have seen both I think). Outside it might look nice from the inside but it is windy, cloudy and the temperature is not 20 anymore.





Time to meet this day in my new dot sweater! (The shoes are a bit too cold though. Summer come back!)

So long.



A Sunday walk out in the fields

Yesterday I went to visit a friend who lives out amongs those fields that are shown below. It truly was a beautiful day and we started it with some yummie lunch and then we were out walking for quite some time. I am not so sure how fun I am to walk with though when I have both camera and tripod with me lol.



Onnarp_Skurup_FieldsSo many shades of blue and the tones on the sky changed a lot.



We also found this little shop that showed up from nowhere. We sat down with ice cream and soda. Funny thing when I was paying the cashier said that she would take only 10 SEK for the soda “because it is either passed expiry date or will be very soon”. Well you have to admire the honesty there!


20140526-192930.jpg When my friend drove me back to the train station we ended up behind this cool car! They were driving super slow which made my personal driver kind of annoyed (since we were in a hurry), while I was just “Oh this is so pretty! Need to take some pics!”.

Lovely day in every way!


 You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one.
John Lennon

Face to face with a leopard seal

I just saw this YouTube clip about National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen and watching it is sure raised some questions:

1. How the **** could he come up with the idea “OH, look, a leopard seal, time to get in the water”?! (Glad he did though)

2. How do I become a National Geographic Photographer even if I don’t want to swim with very dangerous predators in very cold water in very isolated areas? (Hm, but on second thought that sounds kind of cool!)

3. What was Paul Nicklen wearing since it made the leopard seal react this way?

Anywho, just watch it. It is pretty damn amazing, just like nature often is.