Winter has arrived

I´ve been away for about 10 days and while I was winter arrived here in Arvidsjaur. Can’t say that I love having a ton o clothes on for going on a walk (and be sweaty within 3 seconds if entering a store). But winter it is, not much to to about it but enjoy it. 🙂  


This morning I went for a drive. Didn’t see any animals (except for some birds), but i did find som great scenery! Here’s two of them.

Söderåsens national park

A couple of weeks ago I went to Söderåsens national park. Pretty place a couple of hours on the bus from Malmö. Loved walking in the forest on the wooden trails! Felt a little fairy taleish.  

Crazy down pour in Malmö

On sunday morning at 5 am I woke up by heavy rain slamering the roof, and thunder striking loud. I was up for some time, than at 6 am I woke up again from a heavy (HEAVY and LOUD) bang. At 8 am I gave up sleeping and since the rain was still as heavy I started to get kind of worried. One hour…

Under my umbrella

Yesterday I went into town with the intention of practice some street photography during the last day of Malmö festival (Malmöfestivalen). I walked around for a bit, bought a vegan burger and took one step to the right when the sky opened up and rain came crashing down. Lightning and thunder turned up from nowhere and this would probably have been a cool photo…

A Sunday walk out in the fields

Yesterday I went to visit a friend who lives out amongs those fields that are shown below. It truly was a beautiful day and we started it with some yummie lunch and then we were out walking for quite some time. I am not so sure how fun I am to walk with though when I have both camera and tripod with me lol….

Morning walk in Pildammsparken, May 22

Yesterday morning I went for another morning walk. No swans were in sight and I felt like photograph something “different”. I took some nature shots but my favourite ones are of these tulips shown below. I also did a colorsplash since it’s been  several weeks since my last one.

Morning walk in Pildammsparken, May 21

Last morning I took an early morning walk in the park (Pildammsparken, Malmö, Sweden). As usual I almost bailed since I am 99 % night owl and 1 % early bird, but I am SO glad I went there! Such a beautiful morning. Not even the ducks were awake. Eventhough it was early the sun was already up and shining and the green just…