Time lapse, HDR and stunning stars

Yesterday I was out at night, trying to shoot star trails. It is quite difficult, and the result was ok for being the first try I suppose. My favorite is this HDR image though. It really shows how clear the sky was and how bright the stars were shining. Absolutely stunning!

New Year!

A new year is here! I hope you all have had a good start to 2015. I have been sick since before Christmas and I am finally getting better. However during New Year my throat was so sore I could hardly breathe, no less speak!

Christmas time

This fall has been madness. In good things and in bad. But now I am here. In September I quit my job in Malmö, got a new job in Lapland and now I am back in my “hometown”. And I will be here at least until fall next year. I arrived just a couple of days before Christmas and already on the flight I…