On the road

This is what it can look like during a short drive in Lapland. Sunset on one side of the road, and the moon on the other. 🙂

October sunrise

Just found this photo from October. I find it tricky to shoot when the light scenery is like this: Extremely bright in one spot. 

Lapland tv

There are several deers sneaking around my parents house since they give them food. The dogs are definitely entertained. Lapland tv at its best 🙂

First sun photo of 2016

Yesterday I got my first photo session in the sun, first of 2016 🙂 Always kind of magic, and this was no exception. Tilda definitely enjoyed running around at the lake in the sun here in Järvträsk, Swedish Lapland.

Photographing bubbles

Yesterday I made my first attempt of shooting bubbles, made by bubble blower. Blowing bubbles is easy, but shooting at the same time was a little … trickier. Also it was harder than I thought to catch them and let them freeze. Lovely patterns appeared when it did though. 🙂 I also will try making really big bubbles (I mean REALLY big). Unfortunately today…


This morning I went for a drive. Didn’t see any animals (except for some birds), but i did find som great scenery! Here’s two of them.

Summertime …

Since this summer mostly seem to be offering rain I’d like to share this lovely evening from last year. Pretty much perfect reflection I would say 🙂

No, I haven’t left the building

No, I havent “left the building” due to low activity here on Facebook. In fact, Ive entered a new building just a couple of days ago, where I currently am in my new apartment!  When I started this account I named it after Lapland because it is where I am from, AND I love Lapland. Little did I know that less than two years later…

Northern lights

Yesterday I was going out for a short walk, mostly to activate my lungs a little after this intense cold that has been hanging around for a week. The plans quickly changed since I only took two steps on the road before I saw some northern lights in the sky! And by then it wasnt even dark. One of the first shots. Later at…


Unfortunately I’ve gotten sick this week so not much happening here right now. Last morning I woke up really early and one of the best things about having a window just next to the bed is being able to watch the sunrise without even lifting the blanket. The bad thing is seeing another beautiful day waking up that I won’t be enjoying …  …