New lens on the way!

Since I shoot a lot of landscaping (and absolutely love it!) I decided to order another lens with wider angle. Now that I checked it is also exactly one year ago I got my Nikon so I consider this some celebrating … ehe.

I have these two lenses already:


Sigma 17-70/2,8-4,0 DC Macro OS HSM












Tamron AF SP 70-300/4-5,6 Di VC USD

The Sigma I really like and it is the one I have used absolutely the most. It is very allround so on days when I go somewhere but don’t feel like carrying both lenses this one always gets picked. Tamron is quite heavy and I have had trouble with getting really sharp pictures when using auto focus, but I hope and think that I might be on to a solution on that. Actually I suspect that it is something wrong with the cameras auto focus and that some adjustments has to be done.


This is the one I have ordered:

Samyang 10mm 1:2.8 ED AS NCS CS

Samyang 10/2,8 ED AS NCS CS. I haven’t heard about Samyang before and never worked with their products, but when looking on photos taken with this comparing with other ones I liked the results from this one better. This also do not have zoom possibility but when I looked at photos I did not feel that it has to be such a bad thing since the photos looks much better. When photographing landscapes I don’t either see it as a problem to move around a bit to get new angles but it will be interesting to see.

I am following the transportation of the lens and it has landed here in Malmö, on it’s way to my post office. I am hoping to be able to get it later on today. Yay!

Below some landscapes that I have shot with some different cameras. None with this kind of lens. Hoping for  bit difference with even more depth in the pictures.



Bright and windy morning

Waking up by coughing and a sore throat is not a favourite of mine and I really hope it will disappear faster then I can say shutterspeed. Especially since there is a long weekend coming up and I have plans!

Anyhow (do you say anyhow or anywho? I have seen both I think). Outside it might look nice from the inside but it is windy, cloudy and the temperature is not 20 anymore.





Time to meet this day in my new dot sweater! (The shoes are a bit too cold though. Summer come back!)

So long.



A Sunday walk out in the fields

Yesterday I went to visit a friend who lives out amongs those fields that are shown below. It truly was a beautiful day and we started it with some yummie lunch and then we were out walking for quite some time. I am not so sure how fun I am to walk with though when I have both camera and tripod with me lol.



Onnarp_Skurup_FieldsSo many shades of blue and the tones on the sky changed a lot.



We also found this little shop that showed up from nowhere. We sat down with ice cream and soda. Funny thing when I was paying the cashier said that she would take only 10 SEK for the soda “because it is either passed expiry date or will be very soon”. Well you have to admire the honesty there!


20140526-192930.jpg When my friend drove me back to the train station we ended up behind this cool car! They were driving super slow which made my personal driver kind of annoyed (since we were in a hurry), while I was just “Oh this is so pretty! Need to take some pics!”.

Lovely day in every way!


 You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one.
John Lennon

The big picture: Spring babies


Just found this über cute selection at The big picture of 31 pics of animal babies. Such wonderful photos! Check them all out here (and don’t forget to read the story about the baby hippopotamus).

Below are some of my favourites.

the big picture photo by Michael DalderPhoto by Michael Dalder.

Jochen LübkePhoto by Jochen Lübke.

the big picture MAJA HITIJPhoto by Maja Hitij.

The big picture Chris GraythenPhoto by Chris Graythen.

The big picture Jorge GuerreroPhoto by Jorge Guerrero.
(Am I the only one who will google Java mouse-deer after seing this picture?!)

Ok, who am I trying to fool? All the pictures are my favourites ….


New look on my webpage

I never really liked the previous layout of my webpage so now I have changed it. So far I like it a lot. Just need to get some more stuff here. It is a little hard though to find a layout that really makes the photos look their best and at the same time having a good layout for blogposts and other texts.

Wishing you alla creative and wonderful Saturday!


Morning walk in Pildammsparken, May 22

Yesterday morning I went for another morning walk. No swans were in sight and I felt like photograph something “different”. I took some nature shots but my favourite ones are of these tulips shown below. I also did a colorsplash since it’s been  several weeks since my last one.DSC_2372_editedDSC_2372_edited2 DSC_2385_edited

Morning walk in Pildammsparken, May 21

Last morning I took an early morning walk in the park (Pildammsparken, Malmö, Sweden). As usual I almost bailed since I am 99 % night owl and 1 % early bird, but I am SO glad I went there! Such a beautiful morning. Not even the ducks were awake.

Tired duck in the bushesEventhough it was early the sun was already up and shining and the green just gets greener everyday.
Alley in the parkThe water was pretty and the wind almost non existing which gave some decent reflections.

Not even the ducks were awake!

Lovely trees that reflects in the lake.

Lovely trees that reflects in the lake.

But … the most lovely thing of all! The thing that really made it worth the effort x 1000 was when I saw this swan couple sleeping on the other side of the pond. They are under the tree in the middle. One still sleeping and the other just getting ready (just before this shot I also accidently pushed a button on my camera so the settings got all wrong. Gah! Think this is pretty ok anyway though).
Morning in PildammsparkenOne of the swans came towards me …
Swans in the lake

… and finally was just next to where I was standing! Such a beautiful swan.

Mr SwanThen Mr Swan went shopping …

Mr Swan on the lookdown

… and he saw something …
Mr Swan diving… and he got lucky!
Mr Swan got some sea foodIn the background Mrs Swan was waking up …
Mrs Swan… and Mr Swan met her halfway.
Mr Swan and Mrs Swan finding each other

They started to look the same way (literally).

Mr Swan and Mrs Swan finding each other Mr Swan and Mrs Swan finding each other

And they were having a morning kiss in the early sunshine!

Mr Swan and Mrs Swan finding each other

Mr and Mrs Swan went for a little swim (didn’t not see that flying duck while shooting, hah!).

Mr and Mrs Swan

Then they got back to cuddling …

Mr and Mrs Swan

SO much cuddling! So sweet! Never seen a couple being this affectionate! Mr and Mrs SwanMr and Mrs SwanAnd then … Mr Swan got lucky again this early morning.
Mr and Mrs Swan Mr and Mrs SwanThey ended it all with forming a heart. Coincidence?  ( I think not)
Mr and Mrs SwanI have always loved swans and have seen a lot of them, but I have never seen a couple looking so much in love as these two. It truly was an amazing experience that I will remember for a long time. And as you might have figured out by now …. I did not regret for one moment waking up at 5 am.


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6 easy steps to better pictures

I often get the question from others how they can improve their photos and below are six things that can make your pics look better.

1. Straighten the horizon
Oh. My. Every time I see a landscape picture on Facebook where the horizon is nothing but straight I really have to remove my fingers from the keyboard. After all, not everyone is interested in photography and I have no interest in pinpointing, but at this matter … I really do struggle.

However, tip numero uno: Straighten the horizon. It doesn’t have to be straight when you shoot. If you use your phone, download the Photoshop app (PS Express) and use the straighten tool, otherwise google to find a program suiting for your computer (or you may already have this tool on some software that came with your camera).

2. Don’t be afraid to shoot!
If you don’t push the button you wont get any pictures. May sound simple but I know so many people that are embarrassed when they take out their camera, like  others will think they are weird and that might be but … that thought says more about them than about you. Now that I am writing this I actually remember about five years ago when I was at the beach shooting at sunrise, and I heard some people having a beer on the grass making fun of me because I was out “pretending to take pictures”. Wtf? How sad were they?

So numero dos: Screw other people and use your camera as much as possible!

3. Don’t go with the flow
Continuing on the previous story, on the other hand, now when I was on the Azores I went on several excursions with my travel agency and the people on these were pretty much the same everyday. Already on the second day I noticed an older woman was following me at every stop we made. Why? I don’t only go where everyone else goes. Why? Because if I did I would get the shots that everyone else got. This woman was not comfortable enough to be the first to sit on the ground to get a good angle for the view, but she was determined to be the second. And I mean, she seriously felt like my second shadow and at first it was annoying but soon I realized it was nothing but a compliment.

Number three: Find new angles.

4. Take a lot of pics on the same thing
If you only take one shot there is a big risk that it wont be good. Out of focus, blurry, noise, bad lightning, etc etc etc. People that don’t know that well often comment on this, “oh, did you just take ten pics on this flower? Eh, sounds unnecessary”. But it is not. Because three of the pictures focus on the wrong thing, on two I couldn’t keep my hand still and on the last one a little bee sat down in the middle of it and boom I the tenth shot was so much better than the first one. Remember that especially when shooting nature, nature is changing all the time. And often I don’t see the change until I am at home checking the pics at my computer.

Number four: Take repeat shots. Often they end up not being repeats at all.

5. Make it a habit
Becoming better at photography is not made by taking some shots once a month. Make it a habit just like everything else and make it enjoyable! If it is not perfect, who cares? When I go out of course I want to take perfect shots, but even more I want to look at them afterwards and learn something that will make me a little bit better.

Number five: Invest time and improvement will come.

6. Get feedback
One of the easiest ways of becoming better is getting feedback from others. And now I don’t mean ask your Mom/Friend/Neighbor. Join a photo group on Facebook or one of all those forums that is out there, both online and offline.

Since feedback really have helped me improve I would also like to give it to others. Want to be “featured” here on my blog? Feature meaning I will give feedback on your photos, the bad and the good. Send me three of your pics on (no, I still haven’t got the email account to this webpage to interact in a trust worthy way and yes I am also a writer). If you have a webpage/blog/Instagram you want me to link to write that as well as some basic info about you and your photography.

I hope these steps helps someone. Improving in photography is not only an aspect of learning technicalities. It is just as much about mental strength and discipline.

Now I am off for shooting another sunset!


Some photos in black and white

Above are some photos in black and white. I really like black and white, but also feel that it is hard to really decide when a picture looks better this way instead of in color.

Face to face with a leopard seal

I just saw this YouTube clip about National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen and watching it is sure raised some questions:

1. How the **** could he come up with the idea “OH, look, a leopard seal, time to get in the water”?! (Glad he did though)

2. How do I become a National Geographic Photographer even if I don’t want to swim with very dangerous predators in very cold water in very isolated areas? (Hm, but on second thought that sounds kind of cool!)

3. What was Paul Nicklen wearing since it made the leopard seal react this way?

Anywho, just watch it. It is pretty damn amazing, just like nature often is.