Christmas time

T20141228-165622.jpghis fall has been madness. In good things and in bad. But now I am here.

In September I quit my job in Malmö, got a new job in Lapland and now I am back in my “hometown”. And I will be here at least until fall next year.

I arrived just a couple of days before Christmas and already on the flight I started feeling sick. Very well. The day before Christmas Eve the fever was running high and Malin was not running at all. Now I feel much better but I haven’t done any photo sessions in this fairytale landscape yet. It is cold outside today, -22 degrees celsius. And the days are short. At around three it gets dark. But still.

There is something very special with waking up, looking outside and get the feeling of living in a postcard.


I’m here

öresundsbron malmö swedenHey! I have not forgotten about this blog, I have just been busy with life outside the camera lense. New posts coming soon!


when being tired

Oh yeez. Yesterday was busy day! First I went into town and took some photos of Malmö tweed ride. The weather was crazy. So sunny and warm, a real summer day in September! And so many cool outfits. 

After Malmö tweed ride I went back home, changed clothes and went to a book release party for the book Löftet (the Promise). It was a lovely garden party and I met a lot of really nice people. It was also the first time I actually met Mari Åberg, who I have been in contact with for several years on a writing site. So fun to finally meet her! And she really seems like a great person.

I brought my tripod and was thinking of taking some sunset photos since I was pretty close to the beach, but instead I ended up staying at the party until the sun was gone. I went home, left some things and ten minutes later I was out the door again, this time for pre party and later on dancing on Cuba Café here in Malmö. Some wine, mojitos, tequila and not so fancy dance moves later I suppose it is not that weird that I am … tired. I mean so tired I haven’t even looked through the pictures from the tweed ride and garden party.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.


Söderåsens national park

A couple of weeks ago I went to Söderåsens national park. Pretty place a couple of hours on the bus from Malmö. Loved walking in the forest on the wooden trails! Felt a little fairy taleish.


Crazy down pour in Malmö

On sunday morning at 5 am I woke up by heavy rain slamering the roof, and thunder striking loud. I was up for some time, than at 6 am I woke up again from a heavy (HEAVY and LOUD) bang. At 8 am I gave up sleeping and since the rain was still as heavy I started to get kind of worried. One hour later I was walking around in the neighbourhood (since the bus was not an option) and it was FLOODING! Crazy!

Some pictures.

Under my umbrella

20140822-204232.jpgYesterday I went into town with the intention of practice some street photography during the last day of Malmö festival (Malmöfestivalen). I walked around for a bit, bought a vegan burger and took one step to the right when the sky opened up and rain came crashing down. Lightning and thunder turned up from nowhere and this would probably have been a cool photo session if I hadn’t just bought food. Instead of strolling around and feeling the music I was being cosy under a itsy bitsy teeny tiny roof with 15 other people.

After about 20 minutes I went to the bus and after three stations I realised that this was the right number, but the route had changed and I did not end up where I intended to be.

Anyhow. Somehow I decided to walk home and go through the park. Good decision! It was raining a bit but the park was so green and with almost no people I think I got some pretty good shots. Although I think I have made some setting on my camera so the shutter speed is acting strangely (Seriously, my printer wont work, my computer is acting weird and so is my phone. AND now my camera?! Hey kharma where did you go? 😦 ). So annoying!

Here is just one photo I took with my phone. I’ll show some more another day.


When things start to break

My large laptop has been acting kind of strange for a couple of weeks, but yesterday also my printer all of a sudden started to give me error messages. During our 10+ years relationship this has never happened before! Maybe last weeks exhibition was just too much at once? Anyhow.

I suppose this is a sign that I need to get that purchase gallery up and running asap (I have been working with it for weeks, but as always I just want to to a liiittle bit more…).  And soon enough I will get myself a printer for A3!

Later on today I was thinking of going to Malmö Festival and practice some street photography (heaven knows I need it!) but it is so freaking windy outside and the sky is getting more grey by the minute (excuses excuses).

Oh well.

My first photo exhibition!

Two months has passed since my last blog post and the reason has been SUMMER! Wow, what a summer! I spent one month up in Lapland, with awesome weather almost every day. I was mostly in our summer house where the internet connection is none existing and the phone signal just slightly better. Therefore the bloging has been waiting for this day, a windy and rainy day after the first night sleeping with a thick blanket so I wouldn’t freeze.

Yesterday was also a really fun day for me. Last week I heard of a photo exhibition called Linan (the Line) which took place in Kungsparken (Kings park) and I attended. This week has been filled with work and preparation for this and I think it turned out really well! Strangely enough this actually was the very first time I’ve shown by photos in public. I’ve been showing them online for years in different scenarios, but never meeting the viewers face to face. It was very inspiring and I got great response! So many compliments. Sometimes I also just pretended to look and the pictures and listening to others discussing them.

Fotoutstallning Linan 2014 2

Fotoutstallning Linan 2014 3

Bella was very popular! (Although this picture of the picture ain’t that great)

Fotoutstallning Linan 2014 4

And this cloud also got several compliments!

Fotoutstallning Linan 2014 5

Several business cards got new owners.

Fotoutstallning Linan 2014 6 Fotoutstallning Linan 2014 7

This poor reindeer got called a moose, deer, red deer and what not …
Fotoutstallning Linan 2014The exhibition started out roughly since it was quite windy and I aswell as several other of the exhibitiors was worried about pictures being gone with the wind but a whole lot of clothespins and duct tape sealed the deal. Very nice event!


Balcony day

Asne_seierstad_en_av_ossYesterday I was doing laundry and sitting on the balcony reading almost all day. It was sunny and warm and beautiful clouds on the sky passing by. The book I was reading, “En av oss (One of us) by Åsne Seierstad, was so sad though. It is about what happened in Utöya, Norway, in July 2011. I will never forget when I sat in our summer house listening to the radio. It took SO long before me and the people around me actually understood what had really happened. That one man had shot down 69 people on a tiny island in Norway, mostly teenagers. Young humans with hopes and dreams.

Still impossible to understand.

Found the fog in Lagoa do Fogo

On sunny days Lagoa do Fogo in the Azores should look like this:

The short moments I was there it looked like this …:
Miradouro_da_Lagoa_do_Fogo (10)

To be honest, now when I so clearly can see the differences it makes me a bit sour, but I know I will be back there one day to walk this trail: Miradouro da Lagoa do Fogo.

And even though the air was all grey I think I got some pretty cool shots out of it:

I also made some photos with HDR effect.

More info about Lagoa do Fogo from Wikipedia: “Lagoa do Fogo (English: Lagoon of Fire) is a crater lake within the Agua de Pau stratovolcano in the center of the island of São Miguel Island in the Azores. The governmental authorities do not allow any modern construction around this lake. This lake is the highest above sea level on São Miguel Island”.