About me

Swedish photographer Malin Johansson. Photography to her is like colour to the rainbow – she wouldn’t be the same without it. Without a passion for fashion she can be seen sneaking around outdoor late at night, wearing her pink one piece and a pair of army green rain boots. Why, you might think? Because when she looked out the window and saw that perfect cloud/reflection/light/snowfall that’s the clothes that only takes about 25 seconds to put on and then you will be all set.

She has no formal education what so ever and she still struggles with shutter speed, exposure and ISO numbers. The auto function is always tempting but nowadays she pretty much forces herself into trying new ways, even though it wont be the easiest.

Malin comes from Lapland in the north of Sweden. A place she often returns to and is always amazed of the shifting landscapes from one day to another. She was living in Malmö for 8 years, but in 2015 decided to move back and see how it would be, after being “on the run” for about 15 years. Of course, she loves it. The seasons that changes from one month to another. The paths that starts everywhere and ends nowhere. Malin also loves traveling, but also thinks it is important to see beauty where you currently are.


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