On the road

This is what it can look like during a short drive in Lapland. Sunset on one side of the road, and the moon on the other. 🙂

October sunrise

Just found this photo from October. I find it tricky to shoot when the light scenery is like this: Extremely bright in one spot. October sunriseOctober sunrise

Lapland tv

There are several deers sneaking around my parents house since they give them food. The dogs are definitely entertained. Lapland tv at its best 🙂
DSC_2203_web DSC_2197_edited_web DSC_2189_web _DSC8017_edited_web

Puzzle in the window

Something that is quite hard to get is a perfect silhouette. To me it pretty much always happens by accident and not by purpose. Like this one of my lovely cat Puzzle. 🙂

maine coon sihlouette