First night at the summer cabin

Since the temperature raised to around 0 yesterday, and the sun was shining, I couldn’t resist going to our summer cabin. For me it is definitely the earliest time in the year I’ve gone there in a long time. I think we celebrated new years there once when I was a kid, but that’s about it. Some iphone pics below. Now I feel recharged for another week. 🙂

Lovely fireplace!
Untouched snow as far as the eye reaches.
Reading corner as it should be.
Tilda – the fire guard. 😀
20160131-182725.jpgIf you look at the black blob to the left, that’s Dixi sleeping under the quilt. Always under the quilt, whenever she get’s her way.

First sun photo of 2016

Yesterday I got my first photo session in the sun, first of 2016 🙂 Always kind of magic, and this was no exception. Tilda definitely enjoyed running around at the lake in the sun here in Järvträsk, Swedish Lapland.

Tilda playing in the snow

Photographing bubbles

Sunset captured by bubble blower

My favorite photo of the bubble session.

Yesterday I made my first attempt of shooting bubbles, made by bubble blower. Blowing bubbles is easy, but shooting at the same time was a little … trickier. Also it was harder than I thought to catch them and let them freeze. Lovely patterns appeared when it did though. 🙂 I also will try making really big bubbles (I mean REALLY big). Unfortunately today there is very windy outside, and also pretty warm. Around 0 degrees so no freezing will be done.

New year, new opportunities!

2016. I kind of like the sound of that. It has been an interesting year this one. My first year in Lapland in a long time. Here are some of the many photos that has been taken. 🙂