Northern lights

Yesterday I was going out for a short walk, mostly to activate my lungs a little after this intense cold that has been hanging around for a week. The plans quickly changed since I only took two steps on the road before I saw some northern lights in the sky! And by then it wasnt even dark.

20150318-122809.jpgOne of the first shots.20150318-122748.jpg

Later at night it looked like this. It was mostly green and white, I barely saw any other colours.


It just kept on going ALL night, but at around 1 am I had to go inside.

I check the aurora forecast almost everyday, except – of course – yesterday! So I was completely unprepared for the northern lights this time. However I checked the forecast this morning and then it looked like this:
aurora borealis aurora borealis forecastIt was this morning and this is by far the most intense forecast I’ve ever seen. Earlier this winter the highest number I’ve seen is 4, now it was 8! And the green light rarely has gone below the Sweden text in the map. The site I use is called Aurora Forecast, and sometimes I check this one from Alaska.

It looks pretty good for tonight aswell, and although it has been cloudy today it is clearing up now. THe kp för right now is 5 which also is pretty high, so  maybe I can get some more practice of catching this fairytale skies that everyone should see at least once in life. It truly is …


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