when being tired

Oh yeez. Yesterday was busy day! First I went into town and took some photos of Malmö tweed ride. The weather was crazy. So sunny and warm, a real summer day in September! And so many cool outfits. 

After Malmö tweed ride I went back home, changed clothes and went to a book release party for the book Löftet (the Promise). It was a lovely garden party and I met a lot of really nice people. It was also the first time I actually met Mari Åberg, who I have been in contact with for several years on a writing site. So fun to finally meet her! And she really seems like a great person.

I brought my tripod and was thinking of taking some sunset photos since I was pretty close to the beach, but instead I ended up staying at the party until the sun was gone. I went home, left some things and ten minutes later I was out the door again, this time for pre party and later on dancing on Cuba Café here in Malmö. Some wine, mojitos, tequila and not so fancy dance moves later I suppose it is not that weird that I am … tired. I mean so tired I haven’t even looked through the pictures from the tweed ride and garden party.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.


Söderåsens national park

A couple of weeks ago I went to Söderåsens national park. Pretty place a couple of hours on the bus from Malmö. Loved walking in the forest on the wooden trails! Felt a little fairy taleish.


Crazy down pour in Malmö

On sunday morning at 5 am I woke up by heavy rain slamering the roof, and thunder striking loud. I was up for some time, than at 6 am I woke up again from a heavy (HEAVY and LOUD) bang. At 8 am I gave up sleeping and since the rain was still as heavy I started to get kind of worried. One hour later I was walking around in the neighbourhood (since the bus was not an option) and it was FLOODING! Crazy!

Some pictures.