I’ve got a confession to make

I was sitting on the bus, looking out the window. The weather has been alternating today to say the least, but at this moment it was sunny. I started looking out and I saw this amaaazing shape and I wanted to get off and I wanted to yell to the bus driver that he had to stop. But of course I didn’t. Instead I kept looking out and look at it for as long as I could. My mind started to wander. Could I go home, get my camera and go back before it was gone? Or should I just settle with some Iphone pics?

Oh my god oh my god. It is crowing. Becoming even BETTER. I WANT IT! Now! Let me out.

I was thinking so hard. And my eyes was looking so intense out the window it almost gave me a headache.

Want to get off.
Want to get off.

Almost cant breathe.

Then I started laughing, and thinking about peoples addictions. Alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping. I don’t belong in those words but after today I think it is time for me to admit:

Dear Readers.
My name is Malin and I am a cloudoholic.

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