In the mud

When I was in the Acores I went on a trip with Solresor to Ceramica Vieira – a ceramic factory with some beautiful surroundings.

I found it interesting to see how making ceramics work, and for my friend who I was traveling with it was actually one of her absolutely favourite places (it was one of mine aswell, but then again, pretty much all places was my favourites). The women working with the clay was impressive and the seats did not look comfortable at all.

The most interesting thing for me was that they paint the ceramics in something that is pink, and after being baked in I think 1000 degrees for several hours it comes out blue! That is why there is so much blue ceramics out there. I was kind of mindblown by this fact but I suppose I am not that hard to impress, ha!

Looking at all the process and finally ending up at the store I expected everything to be expensive, but it was not at all. Really nice bowls for 13 euros made me wonder how they could even survive on this. Impressive and well worth a visit!


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