Photo District News portrait competition

Photography competition

Photo Disctrict News is having a competition out right now: Portrait Photography Contest.

The judges are:

Natalie Matutschovsky
Photo Editor

Annie Chia
Photo Editor
Fast Company

Chris Dixon
Design Director
Vanity Fair

Dalia Nassimi
Deputy Picture Editor
Wired UK

Christina Whalen
Art Director
Grey Group

(Don’t know any of them, sorry!)

These categories are available:


  • Animal Portraits
  • Celebrities
  • Babies/Children
  • Commercial/Editorial/Assignment
  • Personal Work

I really haven’t photographed that many portraits but it for sure is an area that I would like to work more on. For this specific competition I probably wont join though, unless I find some great animal portraits in the archive.

Seal in the sunlight water

Tired little cat

Dog begging for some food waiting for the magic word

Cute pet in the light

Kajsa hiding in the closet

Cat paws on a book page making a statement

the lapland photographer casper katt gallejaur på spaning

Mila black and white

Kajsa the cat in the tree

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