When trying to fit in

Yesterday I went to the post office and got the package with my new lens. I have not had time to even unpack it yet since yesterday night was “Midsummer lunch”. My roomie have a friend visiting and she wanted to have something Swedish so sill, potatoes, eggs and schnaps was on the table. I almost didn’t buy the schnaps since I really DO NOT like Skåne Aquavit but since the only two pictures I have from the evening are one with the empty bottle followed by a full glass of wine I would say it was a really nice evening!


Today Morris has been sleeping in this box pretty much all day. She looooves boxes and is so cute when trying to squeeze herself into this one since it is a little bit to small. Cute!

I  really want to try my new lens and if I have time and the weather will be somewhat ok I probably will later on tonight.

So long!


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