Morning walk in Pildammsparken, May 21

Last morning I took an early morning walk in the park (Pildammsparken, Malmö, Sweden). As usual I almost bailed since I am 99 % night owl and 1 % early bird, but I am SO glad I went there! Such a beautiful morning. Not even the ducks were awake.

Tired duck in the bushesEventhough it was early the sun was already up and shining and the green just gets greener everyday.
Alley in the parkThe water was pretty and the wind almost non existing which gave some decent reflections.

Not even the ducks were awake!

Lovely trees that reflects in the lake.

Lovely trees that reflects in the lake.

But … the most lovely thing of all! The thing that really made it worth the effort x 1000 was when I saw this swan couple sleeping on the other side of the pond. They are under the tree in the middle. One still sleeping and the other just getting ready (just before this shot I also accidently pushed a button on my camera so the settings got all wrong. Gah! Think this is pretty ok anyway though).
Morning in PildammsparkenOne of the swans came towards me …
Swans in the lake

… and finally was just next to where I was standing! Such a beautiful swan.

Mr SwanThen Mr Swan went shopping …

Mr Swan on the lookdown

… and he saw something …
Mr Swan diving… and he got lucky!
Mr Swan got some sea foodIn the background Mrs Swan was waking up …
Mrs Swan… and Mr Swan met her halfway.
Mr Swan and Mrs Swan finding each other

They started to look the same way (literally).

Mr Swan and Mrs Swan finding each other Mr Swan and Mrs Swan finding each other

And they were having a morning kiss in the early sunshine!

Mr Swan and Mrs Swan finding each other

Mr and Mrs Swan went for a little swim (didn’t not see that flying duck while shooting, hah!).

Mr and Mrs Swan

Then they got back to cuddling …

Mr and Mrs Swan

SO much cuddling! So sweet! Never seen a couple being this affectionate! Mr and Mrs SwanMr and Mrs SwanAnd then … Mr Swan got lucky again this early morning.
Mr and Mrs Swan Mr and Mrs SwanThey ended it all with forming a heart. Coincidence?  ( I think not)
Mr and Mrs SwanI have always loved swans and have seen a lot of them, but I have never seen a couple looking so much in love as these two. It truly was an amazing experience that I will remember for a long time. And as you might have figured out by now …. I did not regret for one moment waking up at 5 am.


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