Some photos in black and white

Above are some photos in black and white. I really like black and white, but also feel that it is hard to really decide when a picture looks better this way instead of in color.

Face to face with a leopard seal

I just saw this YouTube clip about National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen and watching it is sure raised some questions:

1. How the **** could he come up with the idea “OH, look, a leopard seal, time to get in the water”?! (Glad he did though)

2. How do I become a National Geographic Photographer even if I don’t want to swim with very dangerous predators in very cold water in very isolated areas? (Hm, but on second thought that sounds kind of cool!)

3. What was Paul Nicklen wearing since it made the leopard seal react this way?

Anywho, just watch it. It is pretty damn amazing, just like nature often is.

The Acores

To be honest I still don’t know if it is spelled with a z or a c, so I will probably spell both ways. Just so you all are prepared.

For my 30th birthday I went away to the Acores, this group of islands in the Atlantic ocean, far out from the Portuguese mainland.

I am not sure when it started, probably with a picture, like it usually does. I see something dreamy, I google and search and investigate. The Acores has been in the centre of my radar for several years, and now when I got the chance to actually go there when turning 30 it was a dream like dreams should be: happening.


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