Last hours of Barcelona

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In about one hour I am heading for the airport, and eventhough it will be good to be home again, I must admit that I will miss this city. AND this hotel with views so amazing that I sleep without covering the windows.

I have been here for 10 days that has been filled with adventure and it somewhat feels like I’ve been here for a month, and in another aspect only for a couple of days. I’ve seen so much and gone around the city about four times, but still – so much left to explore. I’ve got loads of pics from buildings but I have hardly been inside any of them. The weather has been pending between ok, lovely and grey. The beach has not been hosting us a lot, neither has the inside of all the zillions of museums.

Above there’s some pictures from my Instagram account, most of them shot with my Iphone. Pics from my Nikon will show up further on when I am home and got settled in again with my computer.

Hasta la vista, for now!

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