Last hours of Barcelona

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In about one hour I am heading for the airport, and eventhough it will be good to be home again, I must admit that I will miss this city. AND this hotel with views so amazing that I sleep without covering the windows.

I have been here for 10 days that has been filled with adventure and it somewhat feels like I’ve been here for a month, and in another aspect only for a couple of days. I’ve seen so much and gone around the city about four times, but still – so much left to explore. I’ve got loads of pics from buildings but I have hardly been inside any of them. The weather has been pending between ok, lovely and grey. The beach has not been hosting us a lot, neither has the inside of all the zillions of museums.

Above there’s some pictures from my Instagram account, most of them shot with my Iphone. Pics from my Nikon will show up further on when I am home and got settled in again with my computer.

Hasta la vista, for now!

Looking through the archive

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Since today is all rain and cosy I’ve been organizing some pictures. Amongs a lot of others I found those, mostly photographed with my phone and my old camera so quality is not great, but luckily the quality of a memory doesn’t lie in the amount of pixels … 🙂

Editing: Showing only one colour in your photo

Mila black and white
Making a photo pop in only black in white is fantastic when successful, but that is far from always the case. Choosing only one or a couple of colours to remain in the picture is one of my favourite ways to edit. It gives so much to the picture, and can brighten up even a photo that was pretty dull to start with.

I just edited this picture of my cat Mila. The editing in Photoshop (CS5) took me no more than 15 minutes. If you want to try it I think the video below shows the process well. It is only two minutes long and it is so easy!

My very first blogpost on this site

feature instagram west coast swedenI don’t even know how this happened, it just suddenly did. I started my Instagram account just a couple of weeks ago and the amount of (AWESOME) response I’ve already got kind of blew me away to another planet for a moment. Pics here are the features I’ve gotten so far.

I’ve always been interested in photography, and maybe I can say that I have had the eye for a good picture for quite some time. You know, when you automatically freak out on a horizon that’s not straight or a house that should have been just a centimeter more to the left.

I am Swedish but like English and think that I am reasonable good at it, but if you follow this blog – be prepared for some Swenglish everynow and then. I’ve noticed that translating certain things can get kind of … not the meaning I first intended it to be.

This site is very new and no section is close to complete. Mostly is not even started more than in my mind.

Later on I will write about my photo experiences in great locations and my photo experiences in areas I probably shouldn’t have been. I will write about my struggle to hide away my creativity and actually trying to learn the meaning of the technical terms of photography (I can’t even read the shutter speed once without yawning). I will give you a chance to learn from my mistakes. I will show progress. I will write in frustration. Maybe I will even reveal how I really look while I’m out taking pictures.

So welcome to me, myself and I and the camera on my head.


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